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Determination the parameters of the light field sectoral navigation systems by a statistical model of the visual analyzer

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D. Vasiliev  (Bachelor of technical science, Joint Stock Company "Ramenskoye Instrument Plant", Deputy Chief Designer)


Series «Natural & Technical Sciences», № 03-04  2017


The article discusses the visual navigation through orientation on colored lights (constant or flashing Flashing with different characteristics) observed on a colored background uneven. We estimate the impact on the orientation of the brightness of the background, defined as external natural and artificial light (from - for scattered in the atmosphere of the navigation system of the radiation). The model is characterized by the visual observation of the color of the object on a colored background with the uneven distribution of brightness on their surfaces. The application for the description of the visual navigation of fire of the visual analyzer of the statistical model as more fully take into account the processes occurring in the organ of vision.

Keywords: The statistical model, the threshold model, the visual analyzer, the brightness of fire, background brightness, uneven spatial distribution of brightness, a threshold likelihood ratio, the light field.

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