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Determination of airflow parameters on sloping paths Continuous Doppler lidar

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D. Vasiliev  (Bachelor of technical science, Joint Stock Company "Ramenskoye Instrument Plant", Deputy Chief Designer)


Series «Natural & Technical Sciences», № 03-04  2017


The article is devoted to the application of the Doppler lidar for determining the parameters of the wind speed vector (horizontal and vertical components, projections in the Cartesian coordinate system) on inclined paths. The optimization of the location of the three noncollinear sensing directions and the recalculation of the projections of the wind velocity vector measured in these directions into a Cartesian coordinate system are considered. The result is a complete system of calculation formulas that can be applied as part of the lidar's mathematical support. The accuracy of determining the projection of the wind speed on the direction of the locating along the signal spectrum at the difference frequency is estimated. The received accuracy of measurement of a projection and geometry of an arrangement of a triple of directions of sounding allow to provide high accuracy of carrying out of measurement of parametres of a vector of speed of a wind and degree of turbulization of an air stream.

Keywords: Doppler lidar, Cartesian coordinate system, noncollinear sensing directions, wind speed vector, localized volume, turbulence of air flow, signal spectrum.

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