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Radiofrequency ablation in combination with hepatic artery embolization in treatment of hepatic malignancy

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J. Shavrina,  (Postgraduate student, Voronezh Regional Oncology Clinical Dispensary)

I. Moshurov,  (Doctor of medical sciences, chief doctor, Voronezh Regional Oncology Clinical Dispensary)

A. Red'kin,  (Doctor of medical sciences, Professor, Voronezh State Medical University)

M. Ol'shanskij,  (Doctor of medical sciences, Voronezh Regional Oncology Clinical Dispensary)

Series "Natural & Technical Sciences" # 09  2017
The development of cancer surgery has confidently taken the direction to improving mini-invasive methods of treatment and expanding indications for them in recent years. The analysis of the results of treatment of 120 patients with primary and metastatic liver tumors using radiofrequency ablation, chemoembolization, combined method radiofrequency ablation and chemoembolization and systemic chemotherapy.

Keywords: mini-invasive techniques, radiofrequency ablation, chemoembolization.


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J. Shavrina, I. Moshurov, A. Red'kin, M. Ol'shanskij, Journal "Modern science: actual problems of theory and practice".



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