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Calculating the reliability and functional efficiency of the hydroacoustic equipment in the neural expert marine monitoring system

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V. Pyatakovich,  (Cand. Sc. (Tech.), Associate Professor, Professor of the Academy of Military Sciences, Chief of a Research Laboratory of the Pacific Higher Naval College named after S.О. Makarov, Vladivostok)

Series "Natural & Technical Sciences" # 10  2017
The calculation of reliability of the hydroacoustic equipment used as part of a neural network expert system to classify the physical fields sources when monitoring water areas is presented. The technical means recoverability assessment for the statistical estimation of reliability, by calculating the average recovery time, is discussed. An algorithm for calculating the reliability of technical systems depending on the reliability of their elements is described. Determined from the hydroacoustic equipment operation experience, the confidence intervals for the changes in the mean group failure rates of the main technical elements are shown. The calculation results of the average time between failures of individual units and of the entire equipment set are presented.

Keywords: technical means good working order probability; reliability characteristics; trouble-free operation; technical means recoverability assessment; equipment failure rate; recognition factor; environmental durability of the equipment.


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V. Pyatakovich, Journal "Modern science: actual problems of theory and practice".



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