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The use of herbal preparation Betulin in animal husbandry

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A. Krasikov, V. Pleshakova, A. Novitsky, I. Trofimov, I. Alexeeva, N. Leshcheva,  (Omsk State Agrarian University named after P.A. Stolypin)

Series "Natural & Technical Sciences" # 12/2  2017
Currently, in the field of veterinary medicine, a new direction in the solution of the problem of infectious diseases is actively developing - the creation and use of environmentally friendly herbal preparations that are capable of providing bactericidal, bacteriostatic, virucidal and immunomodulating effects on the sick organism. Increasing attention of specialists to plant triterpenoids, combining their accessibility with valuable biological activity, which includes betulin. Of great importance is the study of the properties of betulin, with reference to veterinary medicine for the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases of animals and birds, and the development of new forms for its application.
The article shows the therapeutic and immunostimulating properties of preparations developed on the basis of betulin in associative infectious diseases of calves

Keywords: Betulin-E, Betulin-PEG, associative infectious diseases, cellular and humoral immunity factors, calves.


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A. Krasikov, V. Pleshakova, A. Novitsky, I. Trofimov, I. Alexeeva, N. Leshcheva, Journal "Modern science: actual problems of theory and practice".



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