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Pathogenetic mechanisms of application of fractional CO2 laser in dermatology

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E. Karpova,  (Doctor of Medical Sciences, FGBOU VO "Russian National Research Medical University. N.I. Pirogov "of the Ministry of Health of Russia," Danishchuk Clinic ")

O. Demina,  (Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor, FBU "Federal Scientific Clinical Center of Pediatric Hematology of Oncology and Immunology named after Dmitry Rogachev » Ministry of Health of Russia, « Danishchuk Clinic ».)

E. Guz,  («Danishchuk Clinic»)

O. Danishchuk,  («Danishchuk Clinic»)

Series "Natural & Technical Sciences" # 02  2018
In the past few decades, tremendous progress has been made in the field of laser technologies used to treat a wide range of diseases, including skin diseases. CO2 laser treatment is an effective, accurate and safe method for a dermatologist, and fractional technologies increase the range of indications and increase in the demand for CO2 laser.

Keywords: CO2 laser, ablative lasers, non-ablative lasers, fractional laser resurfacing.


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