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The program ТЭЭ-1 complex of automated formation of rates in the regional system of electrical power supply: structural features and principles of creation

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G. Arunyants,  (Dr. Sci. Tech., The professor, FSBEI HE "Kaliningrad State Technical University")

S. Ayrapetov,  (Graduate student, FGBOU VPO "Kaliningrad State Technical University (KSTU)")

Series "Natural & Technical Sciences" # 03  2018
Results of the analysis of a condition of problems of regulation of activity of subjects of the regional electrosupplying complex and the main ways of increase in efficiency of activity of his subjects and also the main decisions on creation of the program TЭЭ-1 complex of the automated calculation of tariffs for electric energy focused on use within regional ACS by activity of the electrosupplying organizations are given. Results of a research and the choice of the platform for program realization of a complex taking into account requirements simplicity of his installation and use are given in workplaces of users. Features of the structural organization and development of separate functional subsystems and a complex in general from a condition of ensuring his flexibility and stability are given.

Keywords: electrical power supply, electrical networks, rate, calculation technique, tariff regulation, automated information system, program complex, algorithm, information support, software, software module, user interface.


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