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Noise reduction for speech signal processing by using wavelet transform

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Hein Min Zaw, V. Dovgal,  (Postgraduate, Kursk State University)

V. Kudinov,  (Doctor of pedagogical sciences., professor, Kursk state agricultural academy)

Series "Natural & Technical Sciences" # 05  2018
Speech plays an important role in multimedia system. Speech enhancement is to remove noise from speech for multimedia systems. Noise is an unwanted interference in any form of communication generally degrades the quality of the information signal. During transmission and reception signals are often corrupted by noise which can cause severe problems for downstream processing and user perception. Therefore an automated means of removing the noise would be an invaluable first stage for many signal processing tasks. Denoising has long been a focus of research and yet there always remains room for improvement. There are so many techniques to improve the signal quality or to regenerate the signal. In this paper we present a method for speech denoising using wavelet transform. It is often necessary to perform denoising in speech processing system operating in highly noisy environment. Wavelet transform is one of the most promising techniques used in signal processing, due to its ability to decompose signals and to reduce noise having non- stationary characteristics.

Keywords: Speech signals, Wavelet Transform, Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT).


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