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Industrial-economic modeling as a basis of achieving the strategic objectives of uranium-building enterprises

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A. Mikhailovsky,  (The head of the direction, Uranium Holding ARMZ, JSC Atomredmetzoloto)

Series "Economics and Law" # 09  2017
In the conditions of modern economy, the issue concerning the necessity of determining the degree of influence of changes in the production process on the development scenario is gaining more and more importance and importance for uranium mining enterprises. Despite the existence of general methodological approaches, their effectiveness directly depends on the degree of adaptation to the specifics of the business of the companies in question. The article presents a methodical approach to the assessment of economic efficiency, developed and adapted to assess the results of changes in technological processes in the production of uranium mining enterprises and their impact on the financial result of companies, which in turn facilitates the adoption of management decisions in the current economic conditions of the world market for natural uranium. This methodology is based on recommendations on the formation of a model predicting production processes of the technological chain, which allows to evaluate the effectiveness of a management decision through monitoring of key financial and economic indicators. The variant of ranking innovative projects in the conditions of a limited financial resource and carrying out the subsequent factorial analysis for the forecast and establishment of key performance indicators promoting management decisions at all stages of the life cycle of the project is offered.

Keywords: Economic efficiency, innovative activity, economic-mathematical modeling, factor analysis.


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A. Mikhailovsky, Journal "Modern science: actual problems of theory and practice".



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