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Evolution of control and its role in modern condition

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T. Turischeva,  (Candidate of economic sciences, associate professor, FGBOU VO «Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation»)

Series "Economics and Law" # 09  2017
The issues of the evolution of control and its relationship with accounting are of current importance for setting the system of internal control and forming the Internal Control Service (JMC) at enterprises, organizations and institutions. In this article, with the help of the necessary methodological tools, the problems of the evolution of the control and its role in modern conditions are investigated and analyzed. It is concluded that the evolution of control goes through five stages, at which its progressive development takes place and the relationship between accounting and control changes.

Keywords: Control, internal control system (JMC), internal control service, control stages, accounting.


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T. Turischeva, Journal "Modern science: actual problems of theory and practice".



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