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Legal regulation of the order of manning the regiments with weapons in Russia during the reign of Peter I

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N. Bychkov,  (Lawyer of the Chamber of Advocates of Nizhny Novgorod region, post-graduate student of the "The Nizhny Novgorod Law Academy")

Series "Economics and Law" # 09  2017
The article deals with the issues of legal regulation of the order of regimenting with arms in the first quarter of the XVIII centuries. in the Russian state. The author studies the main regulatory legal acts in this sphere in their unity and interrelations, taking into account the political processes taking place in Russia during the reign of Peter I. The political and legal prerequisites for the legal regulation of the order of regimenting arms in Russia are specified, as well as the administrative and administrative specifics of this process . The rules of the Military, nominal and senate decrees and other normative legal acts containing provisions concerning the circulation of arms in Russia are investigated. Special attention is paid to criminal legal regulations in the sphere in question.

Keywords: weapons, turnover, Russia, laws, Peter I, history, regiments, manning.


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N. Bychkov, Journal "Modern science: actual problems of theory and practice".



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