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Criminal-procedural institute "acknowledgement of guilt": problems of application

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S. Strakhova,  (Crimean Law Institute (branch), Academy of the Office of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation, Simferopol)

Series "Economics and Law" # 03  2018
The problems of legal regulation of acknowledgement of guilt, which lead to numerous violations of the procedure for its obtaining and processing are analyzed. Because of the unfairness of the punishment imposed, as well as the discrepancy between the findings of the court, the actual circumstances of the case and the improper application of the criminal law, these violations serve as grounds for appeals against sentences by the defense. It is proposed to supplement the art. 142 of the Russian Federation Code of Criminal Procedure with provisions aimed at improving the procedural order of obtaining and registering the acknowledgement of guilt, as well as the formation of a uniform practice of applying this criminal procedure institute.

Keywords: acknowledgement of guilt, an excuse for initiating a criminal case, evidence, procedural order of obtaining and registering the acknowledgement of guilt.


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