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Innovative activity and its impact on the economic efficiency of the enterprise on the market

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E. Astapova,  (Candidate of Law, Don State Technical University)

T. Korsakova,  (Phd, Associate Professor of the Southern Federal University)

M. Glyzina,  (Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Don State Technical University)

Series "Economics and Law" # 03  2018
Innovation is a means of competition, and on how well the enterprise applies innovative processes, directly depends on its level of competitiveness, as well as profitability. Innovative activity is the level of application of innovation. In the conditions of competitive struggle in the market, scientific and technical progress occupies a special place. After all, innovation determines the economic success of the organization. In the whole modern world, innovations are not just a desire to increase the result of activity, but a necessary factor for the survival of the organization, maintaining the level of competitiveness and prospects for economic growth. The experience of the most economically developed countries shows that the winner in the struggle for the client is the one who bases his activity primarily on the basis of innovative processes, and the main goal of the strategic plan of such organizations is the development of new products or services. Innovative activity of the enterprise can become one of the main factors of organization of competitive strategic perspective of the enterprise, preservation and increase of positions in the market. The relevance of this topic is high, since the level of innovative activity of the organization directly affects the introduction of innovations in the activities of the enterprise, and hence the level of competitiveness in the market.

Keywords: innovation, innovation activity, market.


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