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On the economic attractiveness of the Omsk region

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L. Gоrskinа, O. Propp,  (Omsk State Technical University)

Series "Economics and Law" # 06  2018
The article deals with the development of the economy of the Omsk region, the analysis of its economic attractiveness on the basis of a set of development indicators. The study assesses the quality of life in the region on the basis of statistical data characterizing the real situation in the Omsk region, as well as the Rating of the Russian regions. The key problems prevailing in the region such as the natural population decline, poor environment, out-migration and an aging population, difficulty in employment of young specialists, low quality of life and quality of working life (low wages, poor working conditions, companies use outdated technologies and worn-out equipment), not enough effective development of the industrial complex, etc. Due to the fact that industrial production occupies a leading position in the economy of Omsk, the emphasis was placed on the development of industrial enterprises in the region. The authors define the main directions of increasing the economic attractiveness of the region.

Keywords: economic appeal,region economy, standard of living, indicators, manpower, demography, ecology, migration, industrial enterprises, problems and development of the region.


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