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Consideration of the issue of creating an open system of innovation in China against the backdrop of the globalization of the world economy: the interaction of Russia and China

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A. Solomennikov,  (Cand. Econ. Sci., «Tavros» Bashkir Meat Company of Ufa)

Series "Economics and Law" # 06  2018
The problem of setting and reviewing the planning of the activity of meat processing enterprises of the agro-industrial complex of Russia on the basis of identifying problem areas and accounting for economic reserves is of special significance and severity in the face of sanctions from the West and the import substitution program.
In this article, with the help of the necessary tools, methods and methods of planning aimed at improving the efficiency of development and achieving the sustainable financial situation of meat processing enterprises are explored. Two main directions for planning and controlling the activity of the meat processing enterprise are proposed.
It was concluded that the main planned measures at the meat processing plant related to improving efficiency and improving the financial situation, taking into account economic reserves, are ultimately aimed at reducing the cost and prices of meat and meat products.

Keywords: meat processing enterprise, economic reserves, meat and meat products, factors, planning.


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