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Philosophy of amortization of fixed assets

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E. Fatkullin,  (All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Labor of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, Moscow)

Series "Economics and Law" # 06  2018
In the article there is carried out the analysis of category of management of time from evolution positions, the current state of research of category is revealed and the prevalence in it practical and specifically methodical basis over theoretical and all-methodological is proved. The most widespread definitions of management of time which are contained in scientific literature and methodical approaches to this category are systematized, the objective contradictions between the theory and practice of the studied phenomenon gaining special sharpness in the conditions of digital economy are defined; the role of time management as instrument of transition from functional and administrative model of labor coercion to "economy of participation" in conditions of digitalization is proved.

Keywords: digital economy, labor economics, management of human resources, human capital, time-management.


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