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The Terms of Publication of Scientific Papers

The articles are accepted in Russian for the publication of scientific papers in the series of scientific and practical journal "Modern Science: Actual problems of theory and practice". The article must meet (match) the scientific requirements and the general direction of the magazine series, to be interesting enough to a wide range of Russian and foreign scientific community.

The material (proposed for publication) must be original, not previously published in other publications. It must be written in the context of modern scientific literature, and contains an obvious element of creating new knowledge. Submitted articles are checked in the program " Anti-plagiarism ."

The author is responsible for the correctness of dates, names , quotations, formulas , numbers.

The editorial board reserves the right to edit articles without changing the author's scientific content.

Scientific and practical journal " Modern Science : Actual problems of theory and practice" conducts an independent (internal) review.

The fee for the publication of manuscripts is not charged with the postgraduate students.

The payment (after the article is accepted by the editorial council of the subject series) must cover publishing expenses of the journal " Modern Science : Actual problems of Theory and Practice " in its publication and it is 8.500 rubles for an article.

If you have the publication questions you should address to the chief-editor of the scientific-practical journal "Modern Science : Actual problems of Theory and Practice ". The author registers the article then the internal review goes (takes place) and if you have a positive review and the required documents your article is accepted for publication.

In the case of a positive decision on the publication the author (who has given his article in a series of scientific and practical journal of " Modern science : actual problems of theory and practice ") agrees to place the full text of the article in the Internet on the official website of the journal " Modern Science : Actual problems of theory and practice "and in the Scientific Electronic Library (see : p.1286 and 1238 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation ) . At the same time the author agrees to access his (her) personal data to the public.

Documents for Publication

To publish a scientific article in a series of scientific-practical journal of «Modern science: actual problems of theory and practice», the author should provide the following information:

1. The Questionnaire of the Author - (if the article has several authors, the author's questionnaire should be filled in by each author separately)

2. The Text of the Article

3. After receiving the consent (agreement) of the publisher, the author pays the cost of publication and sends a scanned copy of the document confirming the payment to the email.

The Author also need to print The Contract for the Publication of, sign it and send it in duplicate to the address of the editor-in-chief: 109443, Moscow, Volgograd Ave, d.116, building 1, kv.10 Mindlin Yuri Borisovich.

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