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Design of the Author's Articles

You have to follow the next requirements for registration if you want to publish your article in the journal of “Modern science: actual problems of theory and practice”.

1. The article should be made in the format of Microsoft Word (. Doc,. Rtf), printed “Times New Roman”, size - 14, margins: left - 3 cm , and the rest of 2.5 cm, intervals – one and a half. The sealing of the intervals is prohibited.

2. Minimum size of the article is 5 pages of A4 .

3. The article should contain a minimum of tables, formulas, pictures and drawings. Their presence is permitted only in those cases if to describe the process in text form is impossible or it has no purpose. The area of figures , diagrams , tables , formulas is equal to the text. Each object must not exceed the specified page size and type should be no less than 12 points. It is possible to use only vertical tables and figures. The drawings that are filled in with colors are prohibited. All objects must be in black and white with no shades . All formulas must be created using Microsoft Equation or in the form of clear pictures.

4. The article must be preceded the following information:

а) the full name of the author in Russian and in English;

b) the title of the article in Russian and in English;

c) the annotation in Russian and in English ( 4-5 sentences) ;

d) the key words in Russian and in English (about 5-7 words : basic scientific terms , or the terms on the profile of the study , ordered from the most general to the specific , complies with the description of the study) ;

e) the index of UDC (Universal Decimal Classification) - a system of classification of the information used for organizing the works of science , literature and art, periodicals, and various types of documents and organizing file cabinets . The index is available in the library or on the Internet.

5. The article should contain intertextual and bibliographical references. Moreover it may contain bibliographic subscripts references.

A Sample Cover Page of Article

The bibliographic references are required in any scientific work:

  • when quoting parts of the text, formulas, tables, illustrations, etc.;
  • when borrowing provisions, formulas, tables, illustrations, etc. not a quote;
  • when analyzing the text content of other publications;
  • when referencing to other publications, where the discussed material is given more fully.


If the text of the article has a reference to a source then it (the source) should be included in the list of references (with indication of the place and year of publication, as well as the total number of pages).

All references must be made in accordance with the requirements of GOST R 7.0.5.-2008.

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