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Some of the features of bowing technique in violin concertos of the romantic composers Mendelssohn's and Sibelius

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Z. Aliyeva,  (Associate Professor of the Crimean engineering-pedagogical University)

Series «Cognition» - # 07-08   2017

In the present article have been studied some characteristics of bowing technique in violin concertos of the romantic composers F. Mendelssohn and Sibelius. It's underlined the particular importance of strokes performed by violins, as the correct use of different string methods, the execution of the melody place with vibrato, and is the definition of culture the sound of a violinist. Artistic means of concerts with the Mendelssohn are traditional, but they are innovative methods. One of the main aspects is masterful, and due to the different types of violin technique goes to the level of motive-its constituent elements. The role of the soloist consists of a set of instrumental techniques, through which is revealed the greatest musical potential of the instrument. In addition, the virtuosity of execution is subordinated to the General idea of the concert, whereby organically combined with orchestral melody.
Instrumental composition of the violin Concerto of Jean Sibelius is more extensive than the works of Mendelssohn. The main distinctive quality of the orchestration presents a contrasting comparison of different number of votes timbre groups of instruments, which greatly influenced by register, timbre and functional relation of soloist and orchestra.

Keywords: The violin Concerto, the composer, stroke technique, vibrato, melody, Sibelius, Mendelssohn.


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Z. Aliyeva, The Magazine "Modern Science: topical problems of theory and practice.".



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