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"The phenomenology of spirit," Hegel in the interpretation of A. Kozheva

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E. Solina,  (Candidate of philosophical Sciences, associate Professor, COLLEDGE of Nizhny Novgorod technical school of municipal Economy and Entrepreneurship, Nizhny Novgorod)

Series "Cognition" # 9-10  2017
The article reveals some peculiarities of interpretation A. Kozhev's the Leather Hegel's philosophy. Special attention is paid to the concept of alienation, its forms, interpretations, and characteristics. It is shown that the position of A. Kozheva is intermediate between the idealism of Hegel and the materialism of Karl Marx. In the opinion of the author, by A. kozhev's seminar translates not so much of Hegel, but attempts through his philosophy assert its subjective-anthropological look at the history of human development and the problem of alienation.

Keywords: alienation, epistemology, labor, philosophical anthropology, dialectic, knowledge, ontology.


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E. Solina, Journal "Modern science: actual problems of theory and practice".



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