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The younger generation: ontological aspect

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A. Ushkanov,  (Senior teacher of supplementary education, Municipal budget institution of supplementary education, "Child Art Palace" of urban district "Yakutsk City")

Series "Cognition" # 9-10  2017
Aspects and approaches to studying of generations in general are shown in article. As a result of the comparative-historical analysis of generational theories the low-study of younger generation is revealed. In this regard the ontologic aspect of studying of the younger generation as "an object is reasonable - as - he - is - on - most - business" which assumes inclusion of the outside natural world as habitats of people, for receiving the fullest picture about the younger generation.

Keywords: ontologic aspect, generational theories, generation, younger generation, youth.


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A. Ushkanov, Journal "Modern science: actual problems of theory and practice".



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