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Reminiscent view on the experience of professional psychologists’ education in Russia

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N. Shevkieva, Z. Baytumanova, Y. Basangova, Z. Serjanova,  (Kalmyk State University, Elista)

Series "Cognition" # 12/2  2017
The article analyzes the initial stages of professional psychologists’ education in Russia and reflects some contributions to the content and the types of psychological education in the whole. It gives the representations of substantial features of a "psychologist" as a profession and reveals it in various social spheres, tendencies and ways of development. It estimates one of the first models of psychological education being conceptually designed and developed by G.I. Chelpanov. Clear theoretical, methodological and methodical study is shown. The article comprehends the first practical psychologists’ experience, psychotechnics and estimates them. The author draws the attention to the fact that psychotechnics have focused attention on the problems of individual, differential psychology, on the problems of human life in specific conditions of activity and environment. It gives the reasons to use the experience of psychological personnel education as well as radical change in the psychological education and training strategies of professional psychologists in Russia.

Keywords: profession, psychologist, theoretical ideas, empirical facts, personalities, psychotechnics, diagnostics, correction, counseling, psychological education.


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N. Shevkieva, Z. Baytumanova, Y. Basangova, Z. Serjanova, Journal "Modern science: actual problems of theory and practice".



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