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The role of G. Balanchine in the process of establishing Russian-American ties in the field of ballet art

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О. Fugina,  (Moscow State Institute of Culture)

Series "Cognition" # 03  2017
This article is devoted to topical issues of formation and strengthening Russian-American relationship in the field of ballet (the end of 19th century till present time). Step-by-step development is being analyzed in the article. It includes the contribution of Russian ballet figures in the formation of the American ballet, a touring reciprocal visits, the exchange of ballet schools experience, etc. In the process of the research, the significant role of John. Balanchine’s work and his creative heritage in the process of strengthening cultural contacts between American and Russian ballet theatres has been established.

Keywords: Russian-American relations, ballet theater in the USA, G. Balanchine, Russian ballet, Mariinsky Theater, Bolshoi Theater, Perm Theater.


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