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Self-identity through the prism of the concept of «resilience»

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O. Filippova,  (Candidate of Law, Associate Professor of the Ural Institute of additional professional education "All-Russian State University of Justice (RPA of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation", Member of the Russian Criminological Association Ekaterinburg, Notary Public of Ekaterinburg)

Series "Cognition" # 03  2017
Today, the topic of resilience of the individual in modern society and the internal development of a particular individual is relevant. External conditions of development of society dictate hard conditions of existence of the individual within different social groups. Perceiving himself as an individual, a person tries to treat themselves to one or another social group, by finding the same or similar external and internal qualities. Finding similarities, people committed to the community with this group. Sometimes, the person finding common similarities, may not define themselves as belonging to a certain group and in this case, if a strong enough will, then there is self-determination as individuals, or loss of reference points in an uncertain reality.
The problem of human resistance in the face of life challenges have always been interesting and significant, has attracted and attracts the attention of philosophers, physicians, educators, poets and writers, teachers, psychologists. This problem has been actual since ancient times and has not lost its significance nowadays.

Keywords: personality, vitality, thinking, risk, reality.


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