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Журнал - Современная наука: Cognition

The magazine «"Modern Science: actual problems of theory and practice"»
Series COGNITION - №06 2022

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Cultural science
Commodification of culture: towards the formulation of the problemAkoeva N. B., (Doctor of Historical Sciences, professor, Krasnodar State institute of culture)
Korennoi A. S., (competitor of Krasnodar State Institute of Culture)
P. 5-8
Heilongjiang folk culture in the international spaceWang X. , (Teacher, Heihe University, Heihe City, China)
Zhang Y. , (Librarian, Heihe University, Heihe City, China)
P. 9-13
NFT tokens in the system of cultural values in the space of the modern art marketYakushina N. P., (Postgraduate, Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Moscow )
P. 14-16
The history of formation of the art of the accounting mainYang L. , (postgraduate student, A.I. Herzen Russian State Pedagogical University)
Lezhneva T. M., (Candidate of Cultural Studies, Associate Professor, A.I. Herzen Russian State Pedagogical University)
P. 17-19
Socio-psychological determinants of the emergence of trustArkhangel'skaya N. V., (Head, clinical psychologist, psychological training Center "A&B Coach"; postgraduate student, Russian State Social University, Moscow)
P. 20-24
Differentiation of the level of social anxiety on the Libowitz scale in patients with paranoid and other forms of schizophreniaBanik E. I., (Graduate student, FSAEI HE «First Moscow State Medical University named after I.M. Sechenov»)
P. 25-29
Alue orientations in modern Russian societyGrinkov A. Y., (Listener, Far Eastern Institute of Psychology and Psychoanalysis)
P. 30-33
Specificity of ideas about happiness in the structure of ordinary consciousness of people of different age groupsDonskaya O. A., (graduate student, Lomonosov Moscow State University)
P. 34-38
Сhoice of the leading behavior strategy in resolving a conflict situation of respondents from various social groupsZaytseva I. , (рsychologist, LLS «CASO TB»)
Kozlov V. V., (Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Professor, Yaroslavl State University)
P. 39-46
Existential aspects of experiencing the fear of death in patients with multiple sclerosisKayasheva O. I., (Associate Professor, Moscow State Regional University)
P. 47-52
Impact of digital devices on the behavior, health and emotional state of students: theoretical aspectKrug E. , (Candidate of Economics, Associate Professor, Pskov State University)
Fedyukova N. , (Candidate of Economics, Associate Professor, Pskov State University)
Ermochenko A. , (National Research University ITMO)
P. 53-59
Psychological adaptation of foreign studentsMisbakhova A. G., (Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Senior Lecturer, Naberezhnye Chelny Institute (branch) of KFU)
Galimyanov I. D., (Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor, Naberezhnye Chelny Institute (branch) of KFU)
P. 60-63
Value orientations of the personality structure of candidates for service in the department of internal affairs who have a tendency to manifest deviant behaviors in the form of a tendency to commit suicidal actionsOzhigova L. N., (D.Phil. in Psychology, Professor, Kuban State University)
Potapenko V. K., (PhD student, Kuban State University)
P. 64-68
Anticipation features of mental activity in patients with oncological diseasesSirazieva T. E., (postgraduate student, Kazan State Medical University)
P. 69-73
The degree of character’s expressiveness in accentuationTuzhba T. E., (Senior Lecturer, Academy of Public Administration (Mytishchi))
Sizaeva V. E., (Associate Professor, Academy of Public Administration (Mytishchi))
Drozodva I. A., (Associate Professor, Moscow Humanitarian Economic University )
P. 74-77
The relationship of intelligence and motivation with the understanding of educational material in junior schoolchildrenKhakimova M. R., (assistant, Moscow Pedagogical State University)
P. 78-82
The main features of the character, negatively affecting the holistic self-realization of the personalityShmatova E. V., (Moscow Institute of psychoanalysis)
P. 83-86
Psychosomatic allergy: emotional allergyYanchikov V. N., (clinical psychologist, head of the Institute of Evidence-based Psychosomatics "EVIRA", Moscow)
P. 87-90
Definition of the network media communication topos in the paradigm of constant structuresBozhedarov D. A., (Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor, N.P. Ogarev Mordovian State National Research University)
Ruzmanov A. A., (N.P. Ogarev Mordovian State National Research University)
P. 91-94
Metaphysics of identity against the backdrop of the "Iron Curtain". Philosophers and politicians about the fate of Europe in the 20th centuryBrosova N. Z., (Professor, NRU «Belgorod State National Research University»)
P. 95-98
The problem of transformation of China’s ecological culture of the XX century as an integral part of a new ecological and moral societyVarakina M. I., (Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Professor, Samara National Research University named after Academician S.P. Korolev)
Trofimova E. S., (Lecturer, Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, Moscow)
Bobykina T. A., (Postgraduate Student, Samara National Research University named after Academician S.P. Korolev)
P. 99-104
The new Western religiosity, the ethics of D. Bonhoeffer and the religious and moral traditions of Russian societyEldin M. A., (D. Philos. n., Professor, Mordovian State University named after N.P. Ogarev)
Bolmusov P. A., (Postgraduate Student, Mordovian State University named after N.P. Ogarev )
P. 105-110
The problem of consciousness and the postulates of quantum mechanicsParshikova G. V., (Ph.D. in Philosophy, assistant professor, Bryansk State Technical University)
P. 111-112
Fake news and post-truth in social networks as an inevitable phenomenon of the age of the simulacrunsProtasov S. Y., (East Siberian state University of technology and management, Ulan-Ude)
P. 113-116
Scientific and technical progress in modern Russia: social and political prospectsSedelnikov M. V., (Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor, Siberian Federal University, Krasnoyarsk)
P. 117-121
Transformation of family values in the history of Russian philosophical thoughtSkopa V. A., (Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, Altai State Pedagogical University (Barnaul))
An S. A., (Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, Altai State Pedagogical University (Barnaul))
P. 122-125
The archetypicality of Russian rockFetisova E. , (Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor, Pacific State University, Khabarovsk)
P. 126-130
Civilizational approach to the problem of cultural self-identification of the population of the Kaliningrad regionFilatov V. , (PhD, associate Professor of the Western branch of the Russian Academy of national economy and public administration, Kaliningrad)
P. 131-134
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