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The Siberian text by F.M. Dostoyevsky and G.D. Grebenshchikov

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E. Safronova,  (Ph.D., associate professor, Altai State University, Barnaul, International Dostoevsky society)

Series "Humanities" # 01  2018
The article addresses the issue of Siberian topography in the creative work of F. Dostoyevsky and G.D. Grebenshchikov in comparative aspect, suggesting the geopoetic commonality of the two writers in the understanding of the historical and cultural development of the region. Siberia is presented as a special topos, with ambivalent semantics of death and spiritual revival at the same time.

Keywords: Dostoevsky F.M., Grebenshchikov G.D., Siberia, the local text, space semiotics, chronotope, geopoetics.


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E. Safronova, Journal "Modern science: actual problems of theory and practice".



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