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Russia and Kabarda in the XVI-XIX centuries: dynamics of the housing and settlement complex

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L. Sabanchieva,  (Candidate of historical sciences, Senior staff scientist of the Institute of Humanitarian Studies Kabardino-Balkaria Scientific Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences)

Series "Humanities" # 04  2018
The article examines the factors influencing the transformation of the housing and settlement space of Kabarda to the beginning of the 20th century. Several stages were revealed in terms of the degree and nature of their impact on the size of the Kabardians, the topography of settlements and construction technologies. The migration processes in the settlement of lands have been analyzed, the territories that have become places of compact settlement of migrants have been determined, the stages of the appearance of mono-ethnic villages and villages, and then of mixed settlements have been examined. The components (building materials, structures of residential and outbuildings, methods of architecture), characteristic of local peoples, as well as foreign borrowing, features that were developed under the influence of neighboring cultures were revealed.

Keywords: territory of Kabarda, topography of traditional settlements, stages of the resettlement policy of Russia, housing complex, borrowing.


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