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Use of modern information technologies in the work of student scientific society as a means of formation of the research competence of the future specialist

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R. Arzumanova,  (Candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor, Peoples Friendship University of Russia, Moscow)

G. Bokizhanova,  (Candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor, Academy «Bolashak», Karaganda, Kazakhstan)

Series "Humanities" # 04  2018
The article reveals the urgency of the problem of the modern strategy of vocational training of students of medical specialties, which is based on the tendencies of successful professional self-realization of the future specialist in the conditions of professional activity. The success of professional self-realization is the result of the formation of the necessary level of professional competence, among which a special role belongs to research competence in the field of medicine. The author shows that the tasks of forming the research competence of students - future specialists are an aspect of the strategic educational policy of student scientific societies as the conditions for organizing the relevant educational environment of a modern university. The article considers the perspective of forming the research competence of students associated with one of the important conditions for the organization of a modern professional medical environment - information and communication interaction, the culture of professional medical communication, the skills of discursive and multicultural use of the norms of medical speech, verbal and nonverbal, as well as virtual communication on based on the attraction of information technology innovations. The author reveals the importance of the culture of communicative interaction for the successful professional self-realization of the future specialist, and also identifies aspects of the formation of professional communicative competence, including the formation of research skills of future medical specialists. The article also shows the escalation significance of students' mastery of the norms of professional and non-professional language, the formation of skills for using highly specialized medical concepts, grammatical constructions and relevant terminology in the context of mastering information and communication resources in the professional sphere.

Keywords: research competence, students, professional self-realization, professional communication culture, discursive and strategic aspect of the intercultural professional dialogue of a modern specialist in the medical field, training strategy.


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