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The problem of interaction of the imperial center and the national peripheries in the opinions of the Russian conservative thinker S.F Sharapov

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M. Krot,  (Southern Scientific Center of Russian Academy of Sciences, Southern Federal University, Rostov-on-Don)

Series "Humanities" # 05/2  2018
The article examines one of the aspects of the rich creative heritage of a prominent conservative publicist and public figure of the turn of the XIX - XX centuries is considered. S.F. Sharapov, related to the issue of the situation of national peripheries in the Russian Empire. This problem was touched upon by the thinker in the context of his global project of administrative and political reorganization of the country, involving the introduction of broad self-government. The article analyzes the models of interaction between the imperial center and various peripheries districts proposed by Sharapov, describes his attitude to the national policy pursued by the government, reveals the ideological and philosophical foundations of his views on this issue. It is concluded that his program with respect to the national peripheries combined various models of ethnoconfessional politics, representing a flexible and situational model for solving the problem of preserving the integrity of the Russian Empire.

Keywords: S.F. Sharapov, the Russian Empire, national suburbs, conservatism, self-government, russification.


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