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Conservative publicists on the pages of A.V. Bogdanovich’s diary

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A. Kotov,  (Doctor of History, associate professor of St. Petersburg State University)

Series "Humanities" # 10  2017
The article is devoted to the images of Russian conservative publicists on the pages of the diary of A.V. Bogdanovich. This diary is one of the most important sources on the history of the capital's social life of the second half of the XIX century. The evolution of the A.V. Bogdanovich relationship to the editors of the most famous conservative newspapers (P.P. Tsitovich, V.P. Meshchersky and M.N. Katkov) is analyzed. Particular attention is paid to the role of the Katkov in the dismissal of E.V. Bogdanovich from official service, as well as A.V. Bogdanovich’s perception of the heritage of M.N. Katkov.

Keywords: Katkov, Meshchersky, Tsitovich, Bogdanovich, salon, propaganda, journalism, journalism, conservatism.


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A. Kotov, Journal "Modern science: actual problems of theory and practice".



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