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The politics of the Аvar khans in the beginning of XVIII century

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P. Kazambieva,  (Federal state budgetary educational institution of higher professional education "Dagestan state pedagogical University", Makhachkala )

Series "Humanities" # 03  2018
The given article dwells on the problem of political situation with Avar khanate before Nadyr Shakh's infau inti Avaria. The authors describe the mountaineers’ pursuit of Russian patronage as it guaranteed peripheral protection. The Shakh of Iran tends to strengthens it’s incursion policy info Dagestan. He manages to invade Kazi-Kumukh and to inflict a debeat upon Surkhay Khan's estate. Ekerythind was destroyed with outrageous cruelty. After than Nadyr Shakh turns to Transcaucasia considering that the Dagestany were struck with awe, thus winding up his military campaign.

Keywords: Accident, Shamakhi, Shirvan, Kazi-Kumukh, surkhai-Khan, the Nadir Shah, qyzylbashs, Jaro-belomancy, mountaineers, citizenship, Holy Cross.


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