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Economic development of the cities of Nizhny Novgorod province in the late XVIII - first half of the XIX cent. (general characteristics)

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D. Chernenko,  (Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor, Lomonosov Moscow State University)

Series "Humanities" # 03  2018
The purpose of the work is to show the features of the development of the urban economy of the late XVIII - first half of the XIX cent. and the possibilities that the materials of the General Survey give for its study. The processing of these materials showed that by the end of the XVIII cent. cities of Nizhny Novgorod province had many "attached" cottages (lands or settlements). This fact shows the significant role of the agrarian component in their economy. Trade and especially industry were not represented in all cities of the region and mainly in lower organizational forms. For 50-60 years, the commercial and industrial sphere of the urban economy has increased somewhat quantitatively, but its quality has changed little. The slow growth of the commercial and industrial sphere of the economy of cities corresponds to its wide spread in the rural settlements of the region. But the growth of cities was due to the development of the trade and industrial sector, not the agrarian sector of the urban economy.

Keywords: social and economic history, historical geography, agrarian history, urban history, history of Nizhni Novgorod region.


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