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Trial chambers in the state structure of the Russian Empire and ... In Russian history

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R. Shaydullin,  (Institute of History named after Sch.Marjani Tatarstan Academy of Science Kazan)

Series "Humanities" # 03  2018
Legal framework of the Empire was one of the key socio-political sites that were the target of modernization in the course of reforms in the second half of the XIX century. Brought to life by the initiative of the state social wave had a significant influence on the transformation of the social landscape in Russia in the early twentieth century. The trial chamber became not only centres of translation of legal novels, but also had a significant influence on the modernization of social relations and the formation of innovative socio-cultural space of Russia. The viability and relevance of these institutions became apparent in 1917, when the judicial system is one of the few among the structures of Russian statehood, – he has preserved the integrity and efficiency and was liquidated by the Bolsheviks for ideological reasons.

Keywords: Great reforms, The Kazan judicial chamber, Russian Empire.


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