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Creation of the legislative base on rehabilitation at 1920 to the present

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G. Eshmatova,  (Candidate of Political Sciences, Scientific research institute of Altaic studies, by name of S.S. Surazakov, Budgetari scientific institution)

Series "Humanities" # 04  2018
The problems of formation and development of the Institute of rehabilitation of victims of political repression deserve special research. Rehabilitation faces not only the past, but also the future. Cases of erroneous prosecution cannot be excluded from law enforcement practice. Consequently, the need for rehabilitation of innocent citizens will arise constantly. The moral position of society is that it is not only interested in bringing a person to justice and conviction, but also in ensuring that an innocent person does not fall victim to unlawful persecution. The article discusses the development of the legislative framework for the rehabilitation of victims of political repression.

Keywords: legislative base, rehabilitation of victims of political repressions, internal Affairs bodies, Prosecutor's office, court, Federal security service, state archives.


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