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Artistic reflection of ethno elements in the autobiographical text (S. Schipachev, "Birch juice")

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Z. Yahyaeva,  (PhD, assistant professor of the Chechen State Pedagogical University)

Series "Humanities" # 05/2  2018
The article discusses the features of the artistic reflection ethnopsychology elements in the creative consciousness and autobiographical text S.Schipacheva, the aim is the analysis of the motives and the reasons for resorting to the writer of this issue. The urgency for S.Schipacheva in his childhood, adolescence, youth, maturity of the national character of the national problem. In the book "Birch sap" assessed the facts manifestations of atmospheric folk beliefs, traditions, legends, children's games as examples of traditional folk culture. The paper compares S.Schipacheva prose and poetry, considered images of children as bearers of ethno elements.

Keywords: autobiographical, lyrical-epic prose, ethnic psychology, realism, detail, the atmosphere of folk beliefs, traditions, legends, poetic consciousness.


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